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NCAA | A historic 62nd double-double for Armando Bacot

Seize an “all-time” record of a program with a history as rich as that of North Carolina is never easy, so we imagine that Armando Bacot will savor this moment.

And he is right: the “senior” pivot of the Tar Heels thus entered the history of the legendary Chapel Hill team last night, on the occasion of the large victory of his team against The Citadel (100-67 ), becoming the only leader in the standings for double-doubles achieved with points and rebounds.

With a 62nd accomplishment of this type (14 points and 11 rebounds), “Mando” thus dusted off a record almost 60 years old, since the previous leader, Billy Cunningham, had left Chapel Hill with 61 double-doubles to his credit. in 1965! Earlier in the season, the veteran North Carolina center, fifth-best rebounder in the nation this season with an average of 11.3 catches per game (with 16.4 points), also passed third-ranked Antawn Jamison with 53 double-doubles.

This record attests to all the work I have done since arriving here, but also to the many shots my teammates have missed over the past three years. » he said with humor. ” More seriously, it’s awesome. It’s something I never imagined I could achieve when I signed up here. I am very happy. »

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