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Morose atmosphere between Pascal Siakam and the Raptors

At the dawn of a pivotal season Toronto as uncertainty reigns over the direction of the franchise, the “media day” of Raptors opened this Monday on a similar note… Particularly when Masai Ujiri And Pascal Siakama few minutes apart, took the stage to speak to journalists.

The Nigerian leader and the Cameroonian interior notably discussed a central topic of recent months for the Raptors: the contractual situation of “Spicy P”, free agent next summer and to date still not extended by its president . And according to the latter, it’s not particularly urgent…

Pascal Siakam criticized by his president?

I spoke with Pascal this summer. Contract extension? Not yet », Indeed declared Masai Ujiri, who explains that he first wants to take a look at his current group after a failed 2022/23 campaign. “ We firmly believe in Pascal. But we also think that some of our players did not play as they should. [la saison dernière]so we want to see them play properly again this season. »

Somewhat surprising comments, resembling tackles, and it’s surprising as Pascal Siakam, throughout a gloomy 2022/23 campaign, was a (very) rare ray of sunshine in Ontario. So obviously, the person concerned, the first player to go in front of the microphones, was a little evasive when discussing this subject…

I leave these kinds of questions to the people who represent me. This is what they are paid for “, launched Pascal Siakam… “ I’m under contract with the Raptors. This is my current situation, and this is what I am focusing on at the moment. I want to take part in an exciting project, win matches and have fun. »

The relationship between Masai Ujiri and Pascal Siakam has clearly been more radiant… while the Hawks tried everything to get him back this summer.

Gary Trent Jr. and OG Anunoby soon extended?

In terms of more positive news, Raptors fans will be able to rejoice in the comments made by Masai Ujiri on the subject of Gary Trent Jr. And OG Anunoby. “ I think it’s time to start conversations with them. We’ll see how this all plays out. “, he assured.

As a reminder, the first had activated his “player option” ($18.5 million) at the beginning of summer, with the aim of then signing a contract extension and thus establishing his longer-term future in Toronto. The second, often included in transfer rumors, could be a free agent next summer if he declines his “player option” ($19.9 million) for the 2024/25 season.

I love Toronto, I want to be here, but I’ll let my agent take care of all that », concluded OG Anunoby, visibly eager to continue in his long-time club. Just like “GTJ”, which said it particularly, which added however that it “ controlled what he could, namely contributing on the field. »

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