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Luka Doncic (44 points) is more magical than the Magic

After their crack in the large widths against Oklahoma City, the Mavs intended to bounce back with the reception of another franchise in the second zone, the Magic.

Carried by a Doncic determined to erase this ugly memory, and author of a dantesque first half with 30 points, Dallas managed to dismiss Orlando by passing in particular a 25-8 straddling the third and the last quarter time (114 -105).

Mistreated at the start of the match, the Mavs gradually took control of the match thanks to Doncic, but also thanks to their bench and Tim Hardaway Jr. who notably signed a match with 21 points, including 12 in the last quarter alone. -time.

“It was a game to bounce back. It’s still early in the season but we had to make sure we were ready to respond.” said Josh Green, author of 6 points off the bench. “There is no reason that we are not at 6 wins and 0 losses. We still have a lot of room for improvement but I am above all happy that we were able to regain victory. »

Weighed down by their clumsiness, symbolized by Paolo Banchero at 6/21 but also Franz Wagner at 3/12 on shots, the Magic failed to keep pace with the Texans in the second half…


Doncic’s insane first half. “It was obvious that he was ready to fight,” explained Jason Kidd afterwards. “He set the tone from the start.” And how ! In verve from the in-between, Luka Doncic allowed his team to weather the storm at the start of the match, when the Magic started strong. Elusive for Banchero, Ross and all the other defenders sent on his back, Doncic recited his basketball without blinking, with many pranks to the circle for easy baskets. At 16 units after the first quarter, Doncic added 14 in the second, to finish at 44 pawns. And above all the victory at the end!

End of series for Banchero. It’s not for lack of not having tried, at 6/20 on shots, but Paolo Banchero will not have reached the 20-point mark for the seventh meeting of his very young NBA career. Already at 6/18 and 6/19 for his second and third games, Banchero had managed to limit the breakage thanks to his ability to get points on the throw line, but even there he struggled last night at only 5 /8. There remains therefore a tone below Elvin Hayes and Oscar Robertson, the two other rookies to have done better for their debuts… We are obviously not talking about Wilt Chamberlain who is out of category.


Luka Doncic. Still cheerfully above the thirty points scored, he was already there at half-time (!), Doncic chained a sixth game in a row to 30 points or more for his first six games. He is the first player in history to do so since Jordan in 1986! With 44 units in the end, plus 5 assists and 3 rebounds, Doncic guided his Mavs to success.

Tim Hardaway Jr.. It’s not yet that at the level of the address, with a small 5/15, but the ghost of the Mavs begins to find rhythm. The proof, Hardaway Jr. managed his best game of the season with 21 points, including a perfect 8/8 in throws and 12 of his 21 points scored in the last quarter.

bowl bowl. Holder in a big five, Bol Bol responded with his first career double-double. Author of a match with 16 points, 11 rebounds, plus 3 blocks, Bol continues his very good start to the season.

RJ Hampton. Without Cole Anthony or Markelle Fultz (and Jalen Suggs), the Magic backline was decimated. RJ Hampton took the opportunity to show himself to his advantage, he who had been discreet since the start of the school year. At 15 points, 4 rebounds and 2 steals, Hampton remembered our fond memories. If he confirms that he can shoot outside, he will have his minutes with the Magic…

⛔️ Paolo Banchero. End of series for the fantastic rookie of Magic. After six games in a row at 20 points or more to start his NBA career, the 3rd longest streak in history, Banchero finished last night on 18 points, 6/20 on shots…


Magic (1-6) : continuation of the “road trip” in Oklahoma City on Tuesday.

Mavs (3-3) : Jazz reception on Wednesday.

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