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Kyrie Irving can finally be recognized as a good teammate

Left Cleveland for Boston in 2017 to emerge from LeBron James' shadow to become a team's first option, Kyrie Irving was unsuccessful in this role. His experiences in Boston and then at the Nets ended in failures in the playoffs, and above all a lot of extra-sporting problems.

But today, the leader returns to the NBA Finals for the first time since 2017, again in the status of super lieutenant, but with new serenity.

“I'm grateful, because it hasn't been a smooth road, I've grown faster as a person than as a player,” says Kyrie Irving in a press conference, after the Mavericks qualified. “And when you're a player in a professional environment like the NBA, you're only judged on your own performance, without anyone knowing who you are. I think it's a bit unfair, but that's life, it's not fair all the time. So I stopped being a kid in this industry, and I grew up. »

The human factor

Today, more accomplished as number 1 bis, Kyrie Irving lent a hand to Luka Doncic on the field and brought his experience to the entire locker room to bring about the success of the Mavericks in these playoffs. The playmaker even silences criticism regarding his leadership or his way of being in a group.

“I developed my mentality by erasing a lot of things and I realized that I shouldn't focus on what people say about me as a teammate, and there were many, but I don't want to name them” continues Kyrie Irving. “I've always made sure my teammates understand who I am and what I want to achieve with them, to be selfless in my approach while realizing that everyone has liabilities and everyone will be judged on that. Focusing on what’s happening is the most important thing. »

For the former Nets player, establishing himself in the locker room and bonding a group necessarily requires human connection.

“I want to be remembered as a professional who comes to work every day and for the off-field aspect that makes others better and vice versa, because all of that matters as a human being,” adds Kyrie Irving to conclude. “I've been there for these guys and so have they, I've told them intimate, vulnerable things about who I am and what I've been through and they've showered me with love and support, and that is what a human being needs. We protect each other, I’m grateful, that’s all I could ask of my teammates and the organization.”

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