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Kevin Durant: “Wembanyama plays simple, and that’s the mark of great players”

Two matches, two defeats. This is the result of the Suns, candidates for the title, against the Spurs who are in full reconstruction. Surprised for the first time at home this week, the teammates of Kevin Durant were up to 27 points behind last night, despite the return of Devin Booker. The fault of an extra-terrestrial named Victor Wembanyamaauthor of 38 points, including 10 in the last four minutes.

“He has incredible talent” testifies Devin Booker. “I think everyone knew that, and we’re just trying to find solutions because we’ve never seen anyone like that before.”

For Kevin Durant, who we saw joking with the Frenchman at the end of the match, “Wemby” has a rare gift. “He doesn’t dribble too much, or look for one-on-one too much. He makes sure he plays simple, and that’s the mark of great players. »

“He played simple and we saw what it looked like”

Precisely, how to slow him down, and avoid taking 38 points from a 19 year old kid.

“I think he scored at least 18 points on fast break layups. And then we changed on him, and he found himself in the paint recovering lobbed passes” notes Durant. “They had a great match collectively. He made a few 3-pointers at the end, and for the most part, he didn’t do too much. He only lost two balls, whereas he lost 4 or 5 before. Simply “catch-and-shoot”, “catch-and-finish”. He played simple and we saw what happened. »

Generally speaking, Durant appreciated the basketball offered by the Spurs, with their ability to focus on their strengths.

“They have stature, and there are very good players among them. They have young people who are going to have great careers. This evening they looked for Wembanyama. I saw it on transition » explains Durant. “Tre Jones has 10 assists, and he looked for it. Keldon Johnson looked for him too when we traded on him. They made the most of his size against our little ones to give him easy baskets. He made us pay for it. »

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