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Josh Hart to take private lessons with JJ Redick

Two more months ago, Josh Hart had never recorded a triple-double in his career. Since January 30, there are already 6! Known for his qualities as a Swiss army knife and rebounder despite his “small size” (1m92), the Knicks winger has been proving for two months that he can also create plays. But he still has plenty of room to play. progression since his general address remains problematic for an outsider: 41% on shots, and especially 30% on 3-points.

Good news, one of his former teammates will help him improve. And it's not just anyone since it's JJ Redick, one of the best 3-point shooters in history. Having become a star as a consultant, Redick will offer him private lessons during the summer.

“We’re going to work on 3-point shooting this summer. We had already made a mutual commitment to it” Redick announced in his podcast. Information confirmed by his former partner with the Pelicans. “Obviously JJ and I are close. We talk to each other all the time. Sometime this summer I'm going to take myself back to the Hamptons. I'm going to go to the gym with him to shoot. We're going to drink wine together. He can bring all the wine he wants. He is rich ! And we will have fun. »

Hart is the symbol of the Knicks' identity

This clumsiness at 3-points is all the more surprising given that last season, Hart shot 52% at 3-points after arriving at the Knicks. But this season, his percentage dropped by 20 points. For Redick, his former teammate simply symbolizes the identity of the Knicks through his sense of sacrifice and his energy.

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“For his size, Josh Hart is an athlete, but not an exceptional athlete. He's strong and fast, but he's not super-strong, nor super-fast. But he's capable of getting rebounds better than any guard.” believes Redick. “He looks for the ball, he goes for the rebound in traffic, he recovers the long rebounds… What's important is that the Knicks have adopted this identity. They've They've adopted this catchy culture, of course it starts with Thibs and JB [Jalen Brunson]. But now they have a group with a real identity. And I don't think there's anyone on this team who embodies that more than Josh Hart.”

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