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Jontay Porter “overwhelmed by his addiction” to betting?

While several arrests and indictments have taken place in recent days surrounding the case Jontay Porter, a pattern seems to emerge. The brother of Michael Porter Jr. would have tampered with his performances to repay gambling debts, contracted with several people, who thus put pressure on him…

“Jontay is a good young man, with a strong faith that will allow him to overcome this ordeal” explains Jeff Jensen, his lawyer, from ESPN. “He was overwhelmed by events due to a gambling addiction. He is currently undergoing treatment and is cooperating fully with law enforcement.”

It is not known what the amount of debts incurred by Jontay Porter was, but they were enough for the player to fear physical reprisals, as he explained in messages included in the file.

To pay off his debts, the basketball player would have been encouraged “to withdraw prematurely from certain matches” to ensure winnings via betting. According to the Attorney General of the United States, Long Phi Pham and his accomplices thus made, thanks to the complicity of Jontay Porter, profits totaling more than one million dollars.

Aberrant gains, which quickly attracted the attention of the authorities and pushed the NBA to exclude Jontay Porter for life.

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