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JJ Redick's mission: Make Anthony Davis the best defender of the year

Between Anthony Davis and the Defensive Player of the Year award, it is one of the longest-running saga in the current NBA. The Lakers center has continued to proclaim season after season that the “DPOY” is one of his goals, and that he believes it has been ” stolen » of several trophies in the past. Or that the league does not « don't like it“after once again being left out of the finalists last season.

This “injustice”, his new coach JJ Redick has decided to tackle it head on. The new Los Angeles technician has even made it one of his personal goals.

I found Anthony in fantastic form last season, and for me he had a very good season in defense. ” supports JJ Redick in an interview given to the Lakers website. ” In my opinion, he's one of the top five defenders in the NBA, period. I'd like to be his coach when he wins Defensive Player of the Year. He's that level defensively. »

Having the Team USA player under his command is one of the main motivations for JJ Redick, and even the first one he gives in response to a question about… LeBron James. What attracts me most, beyond already being the coach of the Lakers, is being able to coach Anthony Davis. “among other reasons than to work on the development of the players in his squad, but also to help James” in the final stretch of his career.

Anthony Davis, leader on both sides of the floor

To do this, JJ Redick wants to go in the direction of his star, while LeBron James has constantly insisted that the Lakers must first and foremost be Anthony Davis' team.

The novice coach wants to make “AD” his keystone, on both sides of the floor. We must be better collectively around him ” shouts JJ Redick. ” In terms of game systems, it's going to be done together with the staff, with a game plan based on the advanced stats, the shooting qualities expected for what we want to do. He's going to be involved in attack no matter what. He's going to have the ball. We've talked among ourselves so that he can be our offensive hub. Everyone says, 'Oh Anthony Davis is great on offense, but his real value is on defense.' His real value is being Anthony Davis, the fact that he's an elite two-way player. »

Stopped in the first round of the playoffs by the Nuggets three months ago, the Lakers have remained rather tame so far this summer, making headlines especially during the Draft with the selections of Bronny James and Dalton Knecht.

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