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James Wiseman operated again in December | NBA

In November 2021, the positive news around James Wiseman could suggest a return for this winter. Except that two months later, the wait seems endless because the interior of Golden State has still not resumed.

At the end of November, therefore, at the same time as Klay Thompson, James Wiseman was supposed to be able to train normally, with contact, seven months after his operation for a meniscus tear. But while the rear has just started its season for a few days, the interior is still stuck in the infirmary.

How to explain it? The Athletic gives us the answer : James Wiseman was operated on again in mid-December. A small arthroscopy to clean his right knee, which logically slowed his return to competition.

That’s why the former Memphis (NCAA) is late. As the Californian franchise had not communicated on this operation, it therefore gave no new return date for its player.

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