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James Borrego becomes Willie Green’s right-hand man at the Pelicans

After a year of inactivity, James Borrego is officially back in the NBA. ESPN has thus announced the arrival of the latter in New Orleans to occupy the post of first assistant to Willie Green.

James Borrego would have chosen Louisiana, where he was already an assistant coach from 2010 to 2012, among several opportunities for a similar position, including Milwaukee.

He was also an assistant during Willie Green’s playing career twice, in the 2010/11 season at New Orleans and also at Orlando in 2014/15. It was Willie Green’s last year as an NBA player.

The Pelicans expect him to contribute on the offensive aspect. For James Borrego, who stayed on for four years as head coach at the Hornets before cutting for a year, this is a great opportunity to get back in the game, in a talented team but which must now manage to exploit its full potential.

This season, the Pelicans were only the 20th attack (113.8 points scored on 100 possessions).

Note that New Orleans retained Jarron Collins as an assistant, while the latter was in the running for the position of main coach in Detroit, who finally chose Monty Williams.

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