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Ismaël Kamagate hopes to take the plunge next summer

Very recent international since the last qualifying window for the World Cup, Ishmael Kamagate (21 years old, 2m11) has made a more than solid start to the season with Paris Basket, which has also found an improved record of victories in recent weeks, with four victories in five games (after five defeats to start the year) .

With 11 points and 9 rebounds on average in the French championship, including a last outing with 19 points, 7 rebounds and 3 blocks for 27 evaluation this weekend to beat Le Portel, Ismaël Kamagate has apparently found his rhythm of cruising after a chaotic start to the season. On his last five outings, he has a rating of 22.6.

After having already tasted the American game quickly during the last summer league in Las Vegas (for 5 points, 5 rebounds and more than one against on average in five games), the young pivot drafted by the Pistons, before being sent to the Nuggets, intends to return to the Big League in the short term. This Parisian season is a priori the last.

“The goal is to return there next season,” explains the interior in The Parisian. “I am still in touch with [les Nuggets]. They are listening. They give me a lot of advice, I often chat with the scouts, the coaches, the GM [Calvin Booth]. They often come to Paris, they come to matches and we debrief my performances. They tell me what I have to work on, so it’s going well, it’s constructive. I have to prove that they can trust me. Even that they regret not having kept me [rires]. »

“He has a lot of room for improvement”

While waiting to cross the Atlantic again, Ismaël Kamagate has the opportunity to test himself in European waters, where he defends himself rather well with 10 points, 8 rebounds and 2 blocks on average in the EuroCup. Something to raise the level gently, in parallel with his international debut.

“Staying in Paris was the best thing for me. I have time to work, to improve myself. We play in EuroCup, I am proud to be present for the first season of Paris in Europe. The project is exciting”, confirms the Parisian. “I was 46th [de la Draft], I could have hoped for better, but the ranking does not mean everything and I know that I have come to the right place. Denver is a very nice city, a very nice team that has a work ethic that matches me. It’s cool to think that I can train and play with Jokic one day. »

A pivotal athlete who runs quickly from one basket to another, and can clearly play an intimidating role at the NBA level, Ismaël Kamagate must nevertheless continue to grow in the offensive field, to offer more than an alley-oop target. or an opportunist solution near the circle.

“He has the physical tools to play in the NBA. His body is already ready for NBA play. He doesn’t have much basketball experience yet and sometimes it shows. But he has a lot of room for improvement.”explains scout Dethie Fall in the podcast DNVR Sports. “What struck me the most was his personality. He’s the type of kid you want to see succeed. He is extremely polite, with a very endearing personality, easy to coach. A real sponge. You tell him something, he does it. »

Photo : Betting Basketball / Yoann Guerini

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