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In Magic, the little regrets that make a big difference

This is also how the playoff experience comes in. The Magic had reason to be frustrated, narrowly beaten Tuesday night against the Cavaliers in the traditionally crucial Game 5 (Cleveland now leads 3-2). Orlando was not unworthy, showing itself to be much more eye-catching than in the first two matches in Ohio. But he lacked even more accuracy in certain small moments which, taken together, ended up tipping the scales.

We will inevitably remember from this meeting Evan Mobley's magnificent counter on Franz Wagner, who had the lay-up for the equalizer five seconds from the end of regulation time. More broadly, the application of the game plan and certain choices at the end of the match can raise questions, such as that of insisting inside against the solid defender that is Mobley at the end of the match, author in the last minute of a good contest against Paolo Banchero, then a decisive counter against Wagner.

Banchero poorly rewarded

We didn't go looking for this one » could only deplore Banchero. “ It sucks. We were at that. But we shouldn't dwell on that. We just have to see where we can be better, what we haven't done too and be ready for Friday because we're not ready to go on vacation. »

The interior All-Star, once again dominating in attack (39 points at 14/24), however regretted “ some possessions I wish I could rewind“, like his 3-point stepback 1'29” from the end, while there was time left in the possession. “ I think I was a little tired at the end » he added, with 38 minutes in his shoes.

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Almost junk compared to the XXL playing times of the Knicks – Sixers series, but enough to put him in a tough spot in the final moments. More than the management of “money time”, the first that this young group has had to manage with so little difference, Orlando will be able to think of other small problems to correct. The Magic lost four more balls than the Cavs, and were punished almost every time with 17 points following a wasted possession, compared to only eight to Donovan Mitchell and his team. He also won the rebound battle, but lost the one under his hoop with five more points on a second chance for the locals, although deprived of Jarrett Allen. And the Florida team once again started the match at Rocket Morgage FieldHouse late, creating a ten-point handicap at the end of the first quarter.

A lot of details

It's a reminder that we can't start the match at -10 » regretted after the match coach Jamahl Mosley, stats sheet and pencil in hand facing journalists. “ How to get started is the first thing. Did we make our free throws? 22/29, we have to make your throws. You have to be careful with the ball, 14 lost balls for 17 points behind. These are opportunities that you can no longer get back. They did a fantastic job rebounding, they finished with one more offensive rebound. But it's one more possession. This shows you the importance of each possession. »

It is never on the last two minutes that you should focus your attention“, he continued. “ It's what happened throughout the match that you need to focus on. » Despite the result, Mosley remained confident in the “ ability to continue learning » of his group. “ This gives us a chance. We are in the same situation as when we were trying to qualify for the playoffs. The players are perfectly aware of the significance of these matches. How hard we have to fight. How much we need to make sure we're going to protect our land. »

Friday, the Magic returns to its lair, where it was almost intractable in the regular season (29 victories – 12 defeats, 6th record in the league). There also where he dominated Game 3 and 4 head and shoulders, leaving no detail to chance.

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