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Ime Udoka chooses not to touch his starting five

Like the night, the cut from All-Star Weekend brings advice. For a week, Ime Udoka took stock of his Rockets, who were in bad shape in February, and finally, the Houston coach chose not to touch his starting five. He explained it after training on Wednesday.

“I watched some things from the last 27 matches,” details former Celtics coach. “I cut the 54 matches played in two and wanted to get an overview of the situation when we are almost complete. Dillon (Brooks) missed nine games, Fred (VanVleet) missed the last five, Jabari (Smith Jr.) missed four games, and there were the ups and downs we had starting these games with different teams. I feel like we played a lot better in the first 27 than in the last 27. So I want to get that consistency back, and we're going to look at our group as it is to see if we get back the consistency and competitiveness that we had in the first 27 matches. »

Clearly, the Rockets coach takes into account the absences in 2024, and he does not want to sanction a starting five which has rarely been aligned recently with the injuries to Dillon Brooks, then Fred VanVleet.

A positive outcome for the five type

According to the Houston Chronicle, the Rockets are 18 wins and 17 losses with their five type, and 6 wins for 13 losses when he has not been aligned.

“If you take Dillon out for nine games, if you take Fred out for five games – guys that we really rely on for leadership and consistency – you're definitely going to suffer.”continues Ime Udoka. “But you are also aware that you are relying on three young people, and that there will be inconsistency, ups and downs. Alperen, Jabari and Jalen, especially as starters, will experience ups and downs. They didn't have any starting experience, so we wanted to see what we could do to help them become consistent, and it all starts with effort and competitiveness. Most of the time we showed it earlier in the season, and we're going to get back to that same intensity. »

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