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How much does a mascot earn in the NBA?

How much does an NBA mascot earn? Hoops Addict has made a very interesting file on the subject, taken up by Boardroom, which shows that the response is very fluctuating, with an average of 60,000 dollars annually.

Denver Nuggets mountain lion “Rocky” earns the most money with an annual salary of $625,000. Among the league’s most popular mascots, he therefore earns more than ten times the average of his peers, while “Benny The Bull”, Chicago’s mascot, is in second place, with $200,000 a year. The latter, however, has the bonus of seniority, since she has appeared in Bulls matches since 1969!

“Gorilla,” the Phoenix Suns mascot, also earns $200,000 a year. It is Bob Woolf, a gymnastics teacher, who slips into the costume, having participated in more than 1,200 matches.

Behind, we find “Clutch”, the mascot of Houston, with 100,000 dollars per season, as well as “Hugo The Hornet”, the mascot of Charlotte, at the same price thanks to its fixed price of 1,500 dollars per appearance. For the rest, Hoops Addict indicates that “Moondog”, the mascot of Cleveland, “Harry The Hawk”, the mascot of Atlanta and “Rumble The Bison”, the mascot of Oklahoma City are paid by the hour, via packages ranging from 300 to 650 dollars.

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