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Guerschon Yabusele also shows up in defense

An adjustment worthy of an NBA playoff series. Ten days after biting the dust in Bosnia, Vincent Collet made a tactical change in terms of the matchup for yesterday’s revenge. Rather than Rudy Gobert, the French coach preferred to send Guerschon Yabusele defend on Jusuf Nurkic, who scored 21 points (9/16) in the 2023 World Cup qualifier.

A belated inspiration” from the technician motivated by the fact that Miralem Halilovic, the other interior opposite, does not deviate from the circle. Vincent Collet is well placed to know since he coached position 4 at Boulogne-Levallois last season. ” So I talked to Rudy Gobert and Guerschon about it to see if it didn’t cause them any problems.“, continues the coach.

With such a change, the pivot of the Blazers had to face a smaller player but solid on his support and more mobile, able to interfere with him behind the 3-point line. Where the Bosnian leader has got into the habit of shooting since the start of this competition (5 attempts per game) but a very mediocre success (25% at the Euro and 23% in NBA career). Meanwhile, Rudy Gobert was able to watch the racket more, where Miralem Halilovic did some damage (14 points), and stay in help.

Vincent was counting on me to disturb him post-up, in terms of strength, to pass in front, to hinder his dribbling, hand-to-hand. All those little details that made him not feel too comfortable. I think in the intensity, the energy, the fight, I managed to impact it“, notes Guerschon Yabusele, rightly. His direct opponent, who spent a lot of time on the ground calling for whistles, had to settle for 14 points at 4/13 on shots, half of which were attempted from behind the arc.

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Progress in understanding the game

In the fourth quarter, we saw the French fight with the Bosnian on taking up position at the post. Once the ball in hand, the attacker ended up signing a walk start.

Then a few minutes later, the former Celtics player intercepted the leather, while his opponent started to dribble, before going to dunk solo on the counterattack.

Defense is our strength, we want to be tough on it so we can set a big pace also in attack “, welcomes the interior which has also been effective in this sector (15 points to 7/15 on shots). Top scorer of the match, the Real Madrid player disputes the status of top scorer at the Euro for the French team with Evan Fournier with just under 15 points on average (56% on shots). But he is probably the most consistent of the group so far.

I don’t focus on stats. Doing stats when you lose is useless. I’m more focused on winning. My teammates manage to find me on the actions where I am most comfortable “, Continues the player drafted in 2016 in 16th position by Boston, taking on another dimension with the Blues.

He has improved a lot in terms of understanding the game. We see that he is calmer, he makes better choices in attack and defensively he can defend in several positions“, remarks Thomas Heurtel. Vincent Collet also sees at home ” enormous qualities and it is the knowledge, the experience which will enable him to exploit them. He can do everything offensively and his quality of passing also gives us a lot of solutions.

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