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Frank Vogel and Terry Stotts in the sights of the Celtics?

The Celtics are looking for an assistant to support their interim coach, Joe Mazzulla. The sidelining of Ime Udoka upsets Boston’s start to the season, and internally, Mazzulla’s inexperience is obviously a cause for concern. His only experience as a “head coach” comes down to two seasons at the head of a Division II university in the NCAA. This is why the leaders are trying to recruit an experienced technician to support him, since he has an assistant position to fill.

This week, management had asked to speak with Jay Larranaga, who officiated for nine years on the bench for the Celtics, but the Clippers announced that he would stay with them. This Saturday, Mark Stein announces that Brad Stevens, who became president a year ago, is targeting two very experienced coaches who are currently unemployed. It is Terry Stotts, the former coach of Portland, and especially Frank Vogel, cut by the Lakers.

It will be complicated to bring them only to chaperone Mazzulla for a year since, in theory, Udoka will resume his place in a year. But since Vogel is one of Stevens’ best friends, maybe they’ll find some common ground on this one-year payday.

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