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Former Wolves employee avoids jail for hard drive thief

The case is closed. A former Wolves employee was sentenced Tuesday for unauthorized access to a computer, according to court documents reviewed by ESPNafter admitting to taking a hard drive containing thousands of internal files, including ” confidential information “.

As part of a deal reached with prosecutors in late June, Somak Sarkar, 33, who was previously an analyst for the Minnesota franchise, will not serve prison time, his attorney Ryan Pacyga said.

A Minnesota judge still ordered his client to serve up to two years of probation and pay a $200 fine. The man was fired last spring.

In early February, the club's executive vice-president in charge of advanced statistics, Sachin Gupta, left an external hard drive in his office containing his personal financial information. But also confidential data on the team, including details of players' contracts.

Was he unaware of the contents of the hard drive?

When the executive returned from the weekend, he found the external hard drive missing. Surveillance cameras later showed that Sarkar had sneaked into the office twice in Gupta's absence, checking in advance to make sure no one saw him enter.

Another employee was able to retrieve the hard drive and the Wolves determined that the suspect had accessed and downloaded more than 5,000 documents onto another device. When questioned by police at the time, Somak Sarkar said that as a member of staff, he had access to the hard drive. to put things in it “, but that he had neglected to return it.

According to his lawyer, in a statement sent this week, the convicted person ” was totally unaware ” that the device contained the executive's personal information.

This caused panic and the situation quickly escalated. Mr. Sarkar did not want to harm the Timberwolves organization. He wants the franchise to continue to succeed, he has taken steps to improve throughout this process and make amends “, defended his representative, speaking of a ” bright young man with strong skills “.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Somak Sarkar joined the Wolves in August 2021 and previously held analytics-related roles with the Knicks and Pelicans.

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