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Face in blood, Russell Westbrook was mad with anger

Malik Monk has competition when it comes to dressings since Russell Westbrook finished the match against Spurs with a nice bandage on the top of the forehead. It’s not very pretty, but it’s better than a big headband, and that’s the result of a big headline from Zach Collins. The shock is strong, and as soon as he gets up, Russell Westbrook wants to do battle with the interior of the Spurs.

His teammates manage to calm him down, and the referees crack down: a Flagrante 2 for Zach Collins, sent off on the spot; a technique for Russell Westbrook for his reaction. The face in blood, he joins the locker room to be treated, and when he reappears in the 4th quarter, he wears only a simple bandage. The medical staff did not even need to give him points.

“My first reaction, obviously, was to get up and see what was going on” says Russell Westbrook. “As I was bleeding all over, I calmed down to deal with it and moved on. Everything was fine. The doctor looked, treated, and I was able to come back. »

For his part, LeBron James focused on his teammate going down the towers. “I didn’t want Russ to escalate the situation. Especially considering how he was bleeding, I didn’t want him to take another hit. So, I just tried to intervene and defuse the situation as much as possible. »

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