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Draft 2023 | Without certainty, Emoni Bates tries her luck

Very big star on social networks when he was a high school student, Emoni Batesafter a chaotic course on the NCAA circuit, finally registers for Draft 2023” as expected “.

We use quotation marks, because the winger from Michigan, if he is certainly getting closer to his NBA dream, does not really approach the transition to the professional level under the conditions envisaged a few years ago. Now far from young high school star status, due to his two turbulent college seasons on and off the court, Emoni Bates has effectively lost value in the eyes of the NBA franchises, and he approaches the Draft with great uncertainty about his projection. , even if his intrinsic talent is indisputable.

A chaotic NCAA course

As a reminder, the young man had started with a “freshman” season in Memphis under the orders of Penny Hardaway, but the experience had quickly turned into a fiasco, with disappointing performances (9.7 points at 38.6% on shots, 2.3 bullet losses ), and finally a premature departure.

Last summer, he had chosen to relaunch in the small college of Eastern Michigan, in his hometown of Ypsilanti. A return home which started very badly since he was arrested by the local police for possession of a weapon even before the start of the season. Suspended for a time, he had finally returned to his new team. On the sporting level, the context was also not frankly favorable to his highlighting for the Draft 2023, since if he shone in terms of scoring (19.2 points), he evolved in a team of very low level (8 wins and 23 losses), and its effectiveness is ultimately more than suspect (41% in shots, 2.5 losses for 1.3 assists)…

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In short, Emoni Bates has lived two chaotic years, during which he did not particularly reassure the NBA franchises, and he therefore does not approach the 2023 Draft in the best possible mood. Despite everything, his intrinsic talent remains substantial, and he could break free with the pros, provided he falls into the right team, the right framework and the right internal development system.

That’s a lot of ifs, and that’s why he’s currently being pushed into the second half of the second round, where a team could take a low risk high reward bet by betting on his potential.

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