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Devin Booker very happy to have cleared the mascot of the Raptors | NBA

The Raptors may play behind closed doors, but their famous mascot is still in the room. It is one of the best known, and the Raptors have always highlighted their mascot with a few well-crafted numbers. But tonight, Raptor ended up on the corner, literally and figuratively.

Annoyed to see her gesticulate on her free throws, so important in the “money time”, Devin Booker complained to the referees! And they proved him right, asking Raptor to go away from the basket, and away from the Suns star’s field of vision…

In the time-out that follows, Devin Booker is having fun with his teammates, and it will be the same at a press conference. Sitting alongside Jae Crowder and Chris Paul, he is proud of his shot.

I was trying to free him, and it worked… I was happy to shoot without him being there. Every day we do shooting drills in practice, and these two do the same, and I’m complaining too. I am like this.

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