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DeMarcus Cousins ​​didn’t want to miss Victor Wembanyama

RC Buford, Rob Pelinka and Sam Presti on the management side… Chris Paul, Devin Booker and Trevor Ariza on the players’ side… Chelsea Gray and A’ja Wilson on the players’ side… And even DeMarcus Cousins, still looking for a club… In total, no less than 200 NBA personalities had requested accreditation for this opposition set up from scratch between Victor Wembanyama and Scott Henderson. Promised for the first two places in the 2023 Draft, the two 18-year-old kids did not disappoint!

He’s good… To be so big with such qualities at the back, it’s beautiful » recognizes for example Chelsea Gray, WNBA champion and world champion this summer. Sitting by the G-League Ignite bench, DeMarcus Cousins ​​didn’t want to miss this meeting, and he had never seen a player like Victor Wembanyama.

These kids are getting rarer he confided. ” They grow fast. They are bigger than ever. … I just wanted to be a fan and see it for myself. »

“There are players for whom we say to ourselves: ‘There will be no new Shaq… There will be no more players like that…’ Victor is one of them. »

With 37 points, 5 blocks and an amazing 7 out of 11 from 3-pointers, the Frenchman showed why he is promised 1st place in the next Draft. Closer to the ground to see the phenomenon, Jason Hart dares a prestigious comparison. ” There are players who arrive, and who are unique. It’s just a unique talent » sums up the G-League Ignite coach. ” There are players for whom we say to ourselves: “There will be no new Shaq… There will be no more players like that…” Victor is one of them. We will never see a player like him“.

At the head of the French team or in a club, Vincent Collet has met many phenomena, and he confirms that Victor Wembanyama is from another planet.

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“When you have a unique player like Victor, you can’t be surprised by what he does. He does things on a regular basis, like tonight, that normal players can’t do.” believes the Boulogne-Levallois coach. “He’s amazing…what he can do with his size, his agility, his mobility, his ability to shoot 3-pointers…. All while moving very well… He even made some very good passes. I think he had a very good game”.

In front of their screen, NBA stars followed the meeting and the discovery of the phenomenon. We will remember the reaction of Isaiah Thomas who gives 50 centimeters to the Frenchman.

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