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CJ McCollum's 'weirdest match of his career'

What a strange meeting between the Pelicans and the Grizzlies. New Orleans seemed to have control of the match, but between the referees' whistles (and the endless reviews), failed offensive management and decisive free throws left along the way, CJ McCollum's troop finally gave in…

“For three and a half quarters, our discipline was at a very high level in terms of game plan” explains Willie Green. “We executed things. And then when the gap closed, they increased their physical intensity, we started to lose balls and we let them come back into the game. »

And then there are these last seconds, with a first “challenge” from the Pelicans. The referees overturn a foul on Ja Morant, but the Grizzlies recover the jump ball. And on the last system, an alley-oop for Jaren Jackson Jr, the officials call a foul on Jonas Valanciunas. New “challenge”, but lost this time…

“JJJ” scores one shot out of two, and the two teams go into overtime, with Memphis winning at the end.

Pelicans who tense when they lead

“It’s definitely the weirdest match I’ve ever participated in.” assures CJ McCollum. “With the multiple reviews and the way it ended. Two reviews in one second. I don't think I've ever seen this before. »

The former Blazer also missed two valuable free throws in overtime. A general problem for the Pelicans, who left far too many points (21/33) on the penalty line…

” This is how “ philosophized Willie Green. “It’s the throws. Our execution. Ball losses. It's not just one guy. That's everyone. We must learn from this, we are together, we must find solutions. »

Having taken a 15-point lead in the third quarter, the Pelicans nevertheless had the right plan against the Grizzlies, letting Ja Morant and his teammates draw from afar to block access to the racket as much as possible. But for the 9th time this season, New Orleans lost a game after leading by 10 points.

A very bad habit for the team of Brandon Ingram and Zion Williamson (17 wins – 14 losses).

“This is where we have to grow” concluded the coach. “We have to learn to go into our zones. Execute things with strength and rhythm. Make solid passes. And when we go to the line, make our free throws. For three and a half quarters, we did it. Then for the last five to six minutes, we didn't do it. »

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