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Blake Griffin involved in SlamBall revival

We knew since August 2022 that SlamBall, this basketball played on trampolines, was going to return in 2023, more than twenty years after its creation and its heyday in the early 2000s.

Its creator, Mason Gordon, had himself announced it by estimating that “market conditions” were now optimalbecause “the alternative sports market is on fire”.

We now learn, through Front Office Sportsthat this return will take place this summer, starting in July, with six weeks of the season plus a week of playoffs in Las Vegas and that it was made possible thanks to prestigious investors.

Indeed, no less than 11 million dollars were raised with the participation of Blake Griffin, who did not need a trampoline to explode the circles, but also of Michael Rubin, boss of Fanatics and former shareholder of the Sixers, who had sold his shares to David Adelman, who also took out the checkbook.

Fellow Philadelphia franchise co-owner David Blitzer is also among the contributors.

For the moment, no television broadcast has yet been announced as discussions are still underway, but a documentary series on this very special sport will be produced by the Mandalay Sports Media teams, who were behind “The Last Dance”. in 2020.

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