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Ben Simmons with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant: “It will be scary and unreal” | NBA

For the first time since the 2021 playoffs, Ben Simmons appeared before the press. It was for his official presentation after his transfer to the Nets, and the former Sixers point guard is simply happy to have left a “toxic” environment, in which he felt mentally bad.

“If I knew, I would tell you everything” he replies about this atmosphere at the Sixers. “Over time, a lot has happened internally. It had come to a point where the situation was not good for me mentally, and that’s how it is. Now it’s done, and I’m moving on. There was nothing personal about an owner, player or coach. For me, it was about being in good condition mentally. It wasn’t related to fans, coaches or comments from anyone. It was just personal, and it was before the start of the season. The franchise knew about it, and it’s something I still deal with. But I am now in the right place to find the ground. “

Ben Simmons wants fast play!

Smiling, the Australian actually wants to get back on the pitch as soon as possible, and he “hopes” to be there on March 10 for his reunion, no doubt, boiling with the public of Philadelphia who undoubtedly have doubts about his mental difficulties.

“Honestly, they should be happy since I’m smiling. I’ve been through some dark times over the past six months, and I’m happy to be with this team. “

A formation he already loves because there is the plan to play very quickly, without a dominant pivot, and he is eager to make his first passes for Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. For him, Philly has never been stronger than when the team was playing fast, and he gave the example of the playoff series victory against the Heat in 2018.

A series where Joel Embiid had missed two matches…

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“I think it’s going to be scary to have these guys running alongside me, like so many different weapons. At the pace we want to play, it’s going to be unreal. “

Finally, to those who are wondering, Ben Simmons replied that he had not called Joel Embiid. The Sixer page is definitely turned.

Joel Embiid Percentage Bounces
Season Team GM Minimum Shots 3 points LF Off Def Early pd party Int bp CT Points
2016-17 PHL 31 25 46.6 36.7 78.3 2.0 5.9 7.8 2.1 3.6 0.9 3.8 2.5 20.2
2017-18 PHL 63 30 48.3 30.8 76.9 2.3 8.7 11.0 3.2 3.3 0.6 3.7 1.8 22.9
2018-19 PHL 64 34 48.4 30.0 80.4 2.5 11.1 13.6 3.7 3.3 0.7 3.5 1.9 27.5
2019-20 PHL 51 30 47.7 33.1 80.7 2.8 8.9 11.6 3.0 3.4 0.9 3.1 1.3 23.0
2020-21 PHL 51 31 51.3 37.7 85.9 2.2 8.4 10.6 2.8 2.4 1.0 3.1 1.4 28.5
2021-22 PHL 44 33 49.2 36.2 81.4 2.0 9.1 11.2 4.5 2.6 1.1 2.9 1.5 29.6
Total 304 31 48.8 33.4 80.9 2.3 8.9 11.3 3.3 3.1 0.8 3.4 1.7 25.5

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