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Behind the success of the Bahamas, a Warriors assistant

The challenge was daunting but the Bahamians did it, winning twice against Argentina in Argentina, including once in the final on Sunday (82-75), to win the Olympic pre-qualifying tournament.

Led by the trio of NBAers Eric Gordon, Buddy Hield, and Deandre Ayton, the Bahamians, led by the assistant coach of the Warriors Chris DeMarcotherefore caused a sensation, and it was only natural that the coach paid tribute to his players after their new feat in the final.

“I am very proud of our players who focused on basketball, who remained united and who made the necessary sacrifices. It was far from easy. It’s everyone’s off-season. The players do not go home. Argentina hosted this tournament. We had to beat them twice on their ground. Whether it’s the effort of everyone involved, the players, the staff, the management team… it’s incredible. I have no other word”, he told ESPN.

All hopes are allowed

The main feat of arms of Chris DeMarco will therefore have been to convince this trio of NBAers to team up in selection. More precisely to convince Deandre Ayton and Eric Gordon to support Buddy Hield until then a little alone.

“These guys all knew each other, but we had to come together collectively and find what suited us”added Chris DeMarco. “The match is not won on paper. I think people sometimes say, ‘Oh, he’s in the NBA, they’re going to win. It does not work like that. FIBA is a different game. It takes a lot of courage to come into an opponent’s room, into their country, into a hostile environment and be as resilient as we have been.”

The archipelago can thus continue to dream of a first historic participation in the next Olympic Games in Paris in 2024 thanks to its qualification for the TQO which will take place next summer.

All hopes are now allowed and will perhaps help to bring out other talents.

“It’s been a long road to get here”continued Chris DeMarco. “We started from where we were to have a chance, obviously next summer, to compete in the Olympics and continue to build on that and grow basketball in the Bahamas in general. There is a ton of talent, not just in the men, but also in the women and in the junior programs, and we want to show it.”

It is precisely because basketball is in the development phase in the Bahamas that FIBA ​​authorized the integration of Eric Gordon, yet world champion in 2010 with Team USA.

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