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Ausar Thompson shows up against the Raptors

The Pistons’ third game in this Las Vegas Summer League was an opportunity for Ausar Thompsonfifth choice of the Draft to blacken his line of stats a little more in the absence of the Ivey-Wiseman-Duren trio.

Facing the Raptors, Amen Thompson’s twin quickly distinguished himself with an interception followed by a dazzling counter-attack concluded by an alley-oop to launch his own. His activity on both sides of the floor did not prevent Toronto from taking the lead at the break thanks to the Dick-Nembhard-Gueye trio, and the construction site of Moses Brown under the panels (42-54).

Still at +17 at -5 minutes from the end of the third quarter (50-67) after a basket from RJ Nembhard (seen in Betclic Elite at Fos-sur-Mer this season), Toronto ended up cracking.

A good passage from Malcolm Cazalon

Marcus Sasser initiated and concluded a 10-0 which was then enhanced by a 3-pointer from Ausar Thompson at the buzzer in the third quarter (67-73). After the good passage of Malcolm Cazalon (7 points, 2 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 steals) to start the last act, Ausar Thompson distinguished himself with a dunk, before missing a few opportunities to bring his people closer. He finally redeemed himself at the end with an important counter on Moses Brown before scoring the equalizing basket on the counterattack (87-87).

In the snatch, Marcus Sasser and Jared Rhoden (15 and 18 points) managed to validate the “comeback” of the Pistons, winners 94-90. In 31 minutes, Ausar Thompson for his part delivered his most complete game of this Summer League with 17 points at 7/14 on shots (1/4 at 3-pointers), 9 rebounds, 3 assists, 4 steals and 2 blocks even if he also lost 7 balls.

“When I can’t score, I want to be able to do all the other things. I want to stay on the floor! Even if I am very confident in my attacking game, in these matches, I was not there. When it counts, I should show something else”he said after the meeting.

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