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A statue of Dolph Schayes for the Sixers

Regularly, in front of their training center, the Sixers reveal statues of key figures in the history of the franchise. Saturday, in the presence of his son Danny, it was the statue of Dolph Schayes who took his place on the “Legends Walk”, and he is the ninth player to be honored in this way.

Died in 2015 at the age of 87, this former All-Star and member of the Hall Of Fame played nearly 1,000 games in 15 years at the Syracuse Nationals, which would become the Philadelphia Sixers during his last season! He is one of the 75, or rather 76, best players in league history.

“When I was a kid, the word ‘Celtic’ was an insult at home. Basketball was his life told his sonhimself a former NBA player. “Born by Romanian immigrants, basketball was a means of social advancement. He played for a long time when players didn’t have long careers, and then he stayed in basketball. He coached the Sixers, he coached the Buffalo Braves, he supervised referees with the NBA. Then when my career started, he stayed involved for another 18 years. For him, basketball was really the engine of his life and something he loved until the end. »

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