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A new collective agreement between the NBA and the referees union

While the NBA has begun negotiating its new collective agreement with the players’ union, which ends in 2024, it has just reached an agreement with the referees’ union.

The agreement between the league and the officials had thus ended at the end of the season, and the two sides have therefore signed a new collective agreement for the next seven years, i.e. until the end of the 2028/29 season. .

Even if we do not know the details of this new agreement, the referees’ union explained that this agreement, which defines in particular the rights of referees in terms of salary, travel, pension or even marketing, has been ratified by the overwhelming majority of referees in the league.

“We are happy with the outcome of the negotiations”commented Marc Davis, a member of the union’s executive board. “The league has made it clear that it values ​​our contributions to the integrity of the game, and we look forward to a long and prosperous relationship. We are all eager to start the new season. “

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