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Tigers: minimum six-year contract for baseball's #22 prospect, Colt Keith

The Detroit Tigers have a great prospect on their hands: Colt Keith. The club's second-best prospect, 22nd in the league, is a left-handed hitter who plays second and third base.

Last year, he finished his season in AAA and even if he did not make his debut in the Majors, we know that in 2024, he will be in Michigan with the Tigers.

And now the club made sure to make him happy.

The club announced a six-year contract with the player, who therefore has a good chance of starting the season in the Majors.

What you need to know is that even if such a contract is not the norm (it sometimes happens, that said), it will not necessarily keep the young man in town longer.

After all, a top prospect doesn't become a free agent until his first six years on the show.

Keith's contract, however, will prevent him from having to go before an arbitrator in the event of a salary dispute and will make him happy. But what could keep him in town longer are option years.

After paying him $28.6 million in the first six years (which isn't much since that means only $5 million per year before leaving the arbitration years), the Tigers will have power.

In fact, thereafter, the club has three option years at $10 million, $13 million and $15 million. If the years are not taken, there is an amount to buy them back.

It should also be noted that there are performance bonuses included. If everything is activated, it will be a nine-year contract at $82 million in total.

It's not bad, but it would buy the young man three years of autonomy. The latter secures a good amount with his debut, which is good.

But the Tigers are sure to keep him at a good price if he becomes a star. It's also quite advantageous for the club, all that.

I know he's not Juan Soto or Shohei Ohtani, but the guys got at least $30M each in their final year of arbitration. Waiting can sometimes pay off…but Keith chose not to wait.

That's okay too.

Charles-Alexis Brisebois

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