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The rehabilitation of Nick Madrigal on sick leave is not easy for him

In the short term, stopping work is very difficult for teams and players, especially those in rehabilitation. This is the case with Chicago Cubs newcomer Nick Madrigal.

Madrigal has been injured for a long time and the player cannot even share his progress with his team since the work stoppage prevents contact.

Personal trainers of players canent them, but not the players.

For gamers in general – not just Madrigal – it’s very difficult to live in such circumstances right now.

The camp may well take off as soon as the work stoppage is resolved, but the Cubs will not know how Madrigal is doing, which is a problem. Acquired at the last trade deadline by the Cubs, Madrigal saw his problems begin on that very day.

He was already injured when he was traded, after he underwent surgery to repair torn tendons in his right hamstring. Worst of all, he had just bought a luxurious house ten minutes from the Sox training center in Arizona.

The runner-up was sure he was in the South Side’s plans at the time, so he and his girlfriend were like ‘why not buy a house here? But the day they were finalizing details on the new accommodation, Madrigal got a call from CEO Rick Hahn, who told him the bad news.

Yes, he was traded from Chicago to Chicago, but the two clubs are on the far end of each other. The same goes for their training center, which is both in Arizona.

In short, it was a difficult year for Nick Madrigal. Hopefully the work stoppage will be resolved soon and all the injured can speak with their respective teams.

My colleague, Charles-Alexis Brisebois, spoke of the injured in connection with the work stoppage: they will be even more numerous if the break is extended.


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