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Rays reportedly open to trading Austin Meadows

The Rays’ karma is to trade their good players. They rarely want to afford to give a player a lot of money, which makes all players have a bit of a lifespan in Florida.

This is particularly the case of Austin Meadows, whose days could be numbered in Tampa Bay.

Is he the only one of his kind? No. After all, Kevin Kiermaier and injured pitcher Tyler Glasnow are among the stars who have had their names floated in trade rumours.

But the two outfielders would be among the players most likely to leave via trade. Manuel Margot also has chances, but less.

Recall that the Rays completely won the trade that sent Chris Archer to Pittsburgh against Meadows, Glasnow and Shane Baz.

Why trade it now, when it still has three years left before autonomy? Probably because its value is quite high. This is what justifies the idea of ​​​​the Rays.

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