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Whether for MLB rosters or players, the off-season is the ideal time to make the necessary adjustments for the next campaign.

And Paul Goldschmidt understood that a long time ago.

It's the same thing I do every year, the exact same thing I do every year. Develop a game plan. Try to see if there are small ways to improve. The weight room, defense, batting, other aspects like leadership, anything I can improve on while making sure that everything I do well, I continue to do well.

However, this off-season may be a little different. Indeed, near the end of the St. Louis Cardinals' first losing campaign since 2007 and the worst result in three decades for the Missouri team, Goldschmidt called it the most disappointing season of his career.

One year after winning the National League MVP title and one year away from full autonomy, the 36-year-old wants to bounce back.

I'm just trying to be open-minded. There are a number of ways to always be open-minded to improve. This could mean going to new places to train or talking to coaches, current players, former players, training with them. I've always tried to be open to all of that.

Cardinals staff said they plan to discuss a contract extension with their first baseman at some point during the offseason, with spring camp being the usual time for such discussions to turn into negotiations. and in contractual agreement.

This winter, Goldschmidt is focusing more on the concrete, namely having a better campaign and helping his team get out of the doldrums of 2023.

Sébastien Berrouard

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