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MLB will file a final offer (take it or leave it)

There are less than two hours left before the deadline falls to save the full season. How are the negotiations going?

It’s a big question. According to the players, the bosses are in bad faith.

If yesterday was going well, the MLB judges that the discussions are going less and less well at the moment. According to the MLB, the players return to the achievements of the day before.

The bosses are therefore not satisfied with the day at the moment.

Things could change quickly, though. Why? Because the bosses, by 5 p.m., will make an offer to the players. According to them, they cannot do better than that.

It’s kind of a take it or leave it offer.

Will players feel the sense of urgency? Are the chances of seeing a full season of 162 games getting slimmer?

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The answer by 5 p.m. It could go either way, but…

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