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MLB in brief: Santiago Espinal is injured | Twitter creates an emoticon for Aaron Judge

Santiago Espinal is injured

Otto Lopez was called back.

Twitter creates an emoticon for Aaron Judge

It is at the heart of an important circuit race in the American.

The Yankees want their next game on YES

At worst, Friday night, Michael Kay could make the match at Apple in case the Judge were to hit a historic home run.

Alek Manoah will play on Saturday

The Blue Jays want to field all of their roster to receive the first-round series.

Blake Snell at the peak of his performance

Just like the entire rotation of the Padres, at the end of the season.

Back pain for Julio Rodriguez

He had to leave the match of his people.

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Great honor for Jamie Campbell

The Blue Jays analyst won the President’s Trophy for Canada’s sports media.

Stephen Vogt will hang up his cleats

He played 10 years in the Majors.

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