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Baseball News

MLB in brief: Mitch Moreland retired | Yes to bat flips


Mitch Moreland retired

He had a great career.

Jacques Doucet’s birthday

He is 83 today.

Yes to bat flips

Tim Anderson will be able to do it at the Classic.

The impact of the dial

Watching World Classic games, where there is no dial, you can see the difference.

Mike Trout had regrets

He would have liked to participate in the 2017 Classic.

A circuit of a DG

Nelson Cruz, the Dominicans’ GM at the Classic, homered in a preseason game.

Hyun-Jin Ryu back in midsummer?

It is more and more plausible.

Frankie Montas also feels that he will launch this year.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is better

Will he start playing again soon?

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