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Baseball News

MLB in brief: Miguel Rojas in Los Angeles? | Money until 2043 for Rafael Devers

Miguel Rojas in Los Angeles?

The Dodgers would give themselves options at shortstop.

Money until 2043 for Rafael Devers

There is $75 million in deferred money in his contract with the Red Sox, which is official.

He is also happy to see that the Sox have done what is necessary to keep him, who wanted to stay.

The Red Sox are not for sale

That has been made clear.

The Tigers in action

They are going to change the dimensions of their stadium… much to the delight of Miguel Cabrera.

Shintaro Fujinami in Oakland

He was a free agent from Japan.

Marcelo Mayer at the World Classic?

He is on Mexico’s preliminary roster.

Felix Hernandez honored

He will be inducted into the Mariners Hall of Fame.

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