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Baseball News

MLB in Brief: Gary Sanchez DFA | Automatic catch zones?


Gary Sanchez DFA

We have to make room for Tomas Nido.

Automatic catch zones?

Not for Luis Severino.

This could be a first step towards a possible robotization of the game.

Aaron Boone spoke with Clarke Schmidt

The pitcher avoided a league suspension after a suspicious substance was detected on his hands during a game.

John Baker, a name to remember

Is the Pirates coach on his way to becoming a manager in the Majors?

Love for his assailant

Vladdy Guerrero Jr. signs a ball used by Luke Raley (a position player) to strike it out.

A funny mistake at the Padres

Jake Cronenworth was heading to the team bench a little too early.

15 years later…

A look back at Clayton Kershaw’s first career start.

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