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MLB in brief: Carlos Rodon opens up | Pete Alonso avoids talking about his contract talks

Carlos Rodon opens

He takes stock of his expectations for 2023.

Luis Garcia will have to embrace a new move

The league adopts a new regulation on illegal feints, namely the balk. It will be more rigorous.

Pete Alonso avoids talking about his contract talks

He prefers that we refer to his agent.

Bryan Reynolds open to staying in Pittsburgh, eventually

However, he wants to have a significant salary increase in the negotiations.

Trevor Story crosses his fingers

He hopes to be on the pitch this season, but admits he is not sure.

Aaron Boone gives update on his outfielder

He talks about Aaron Judge’s appearance on first base yesterday. This is not a short term plan.

He’s still an Expos player

Tom Brady wasn’t the last active athlete to play for the team, after all.

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