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MLB in brief: Are teams afraid of Steve Cohen? | Robinson Cano’s brother in action

Are teams afraid of Steve Cohen?

Rob Manfred wants to put big penalties on teams that go way over the latest luxury tax threshold. We think it may be because other teams are afraid of the Mets derailing the prices.

The Yankees president says the clubs don’t have endless money.

Kwang Hyun Kim in Korea?

It’s a possibility.

Robinson Cano’s brother in action

Jays prospect Gregori Cano is at his club’s camp.

Allan Walsh gets involved in the conflict

He knows that, labor disputes.

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Aroldis Chapman knows how to hit

However, he never gets the chance to do so in a regular game.

Joey Gallo trends on Twitter

Since we know that the special defense could disappear, the name of the Yankees slugger has been circulating on the web.

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