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MLB in brief: Anthony Quirion the champion | Talks with Kyle Tucker

Anthony Quirion the champ

The Quebecer, who went to play in Australia, played a superb defensive game to preserve his team’s lead. His club also won the championship.

Who is the best first baseman?

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is third in the standings.

Could he go up shortly?

How to reorganize the MLB?

If two expansion teams join MLB, how should the league be organized?

Talks with Kyle Tucker

The outfielder and the Astros want a long-term agreement.

Jasson Dominguez at Yankees camp

The Martian is only 20 years old.

Is Toronto a top destination for free agents?

More and more, obviously.

Bo Bichette in arbitration on Thursday

He asks for $7.5 million and his club offers him $5 million.

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