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Mets turn to have doubts about Carlos Correa’s medical report

A few days ago, Scott Boras claimed that Carlos Correa had no health problems and that the star player was going to be okay.

He said that on the sidelines when Correa was going to take his physical tests with the Mets.

You know the story: Correa signed a 13-year contract valued at $350 million in San Francisco, but the deal fell through due to the fact that the player’s medical records worried the club.

But now the same problem is being raised on the side of the Mets, who have the same concerns about Correa’s leg.

Correa’s leg was operated on about ten years ago when he was in the minors. It hasn’t hurt for years now…

Kumar Rocker, a former Mets draft pick who wasn’t signed because Steve Cohen didn’t like his medical record, finds it quite comical.

But the Giants AND the Mets have specialists who are worried. Why? Because we are talking about 12 and 13 year contracts.

I’ve never liked long MLB contracts and Correa’s case confirms my doubts. After all, if the teams went there with small long contracts, the doubts about his leg would not be there.

The proof? Last year the Twins didn’t care because he signed for a maximum of three years… but this year the club backed down after the Giants announced. The Twins were afraid to commit too long without a lot of research.

Signing in the short term would allow players to always have their best value on the market and clubs would give more per year, without fear of being “caught” financially in the long term.

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Everyone would win.

But OK. Right now, the Mets have little negotiating power since Steve Cohen, who is sometimes his own worst enemy, has come out publicly to comment on the signing.

He has no choice but to make concessions.

Was he pressured not to have a crazy payroll? After all, Correa was the straw that broke the camel’s back for some people…

Scott Boras knows he needs to move forward with a long-term contract with the Mets. Otherwise, if the Giants (who are looking better and better in the file) AND the Mets back down, no one will want to sign him in the long term.

Boras is not one to compromise, however. But there, he may not have the choice to do so, in the end.

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