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Max Scherzer faces a 10-game suspension for using sticky products

Let’s just say that Max Scherzer’s return to Los Angeles didn’t go as planned.

The Mets pitcher showed up at his old home with the goal of smashing it all up. However, he quickly realized that it wasn’t going to be easy.

Early in the game, he was asked to change his glove following a referee’s inspection for sticky products. It was curious. For what?

Because if he’s guilty, he should be deported. Otherwise, why ask him to change his glove?

All that to say that in round four, Scherzer was inspected again. That said, the referee judged that he had overdone it and that his glove was sticky again. Result? He was expelled.

And he was not happy.

If the referee says he did have a sticky hand (because he may have been sent off for yelling, who knows?), he will be suspended for 10 games. He would have the right to appeal.

He would become the third pitcher since the rule was introduced (2021) to be kicked out for it,

Scherzer reiterated that it was just resin and therefore he has the right to take the product. Referee Phil Cuzzi obviously didn’t believe him.

The pitcher defended himself vehemently and didn’t seem to believe what was happening. And manager Buck Showalter, whose rotation is currently in pieces.

  • Things are going well for Andrew McCutchen in Pittsburgh.
  • Hard blow for the Sox player.

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