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Matt Barnes in Miami | Zack Greinke at the Royals

Last week, the Boston Red Sox named Matt Barnes for subpoena. The pitcher was therefore in the void for a week since the Sox could trade him instead of releasing him.

And that’s ultimately what happened since the Marlins chose to go after him.

The reliever will stabilize the Marlins hatch, despite his more difficult season in Boston in 2022. He will try to revive himself.

The Marlins took the majority of Barnes’ contract and agreed to give reliever Richard Bleier in return. The Sox are filling a need by adding a left-handed reliever.

Barnes, a first choice in 2011, therefore leaves the Boston organization for the first time. He will have been a member of the All-Star Game in 2021.

A page is therefore turned in Boston, but it is not the same for the Royals since Zack Greinke has finally managed to get along with the Royals. It will therefore be back in 2023.

The one who started his career in Kansas City will be in the second year of his second stint with the Royals.

The veteran pitcher will earn at least $8 million to $10 million and he will be entitled to additional performance bonuses.

It was expected, but we just had to find common ground.

He therefore joins Aroldis Chapman, another veteran pitcher who has decided to continue his career under the colors of the Royals.

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