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Luis Severino needs a stay in the minors

Carlos Rodon will finally make his first start in a striped New York Yankees uniform tonight as they host the Chicago Cubs. Rare good news in the New York camp.

Rodon’s arrival is timely, considering the setbacks of pitcher Luis Severino, who once again failed miserably last night (Thursday), giving up seven earned runs in just two and two-thirds innings against the Baltimore Orioles, as our colleague Félix Forget told us this morning.

The least we can say is that Severino is currently going through a difficult period, the worst of his career even, and the main interested party does not hide it.

I know the kind of pitcher I am. I’m really not myself. It’s just hard to make up my mind. I’ve never been such a bad pitcher in my entire life.

That, we had noticed, Luis.

The All-Star Game break couldn’t have come at a better time for Severino and the Yankees, who are desperately trying to figure out why the Gunner’s fastball has no bite left.

But it’s not four days off that will turn the tide. A much deeper intervention must be initiated.

And that must go through a stay in the minor leagues, a bit like in the case of Alek Manoah with the Toronto Blue Jays, he who moreover will be back in action in major league baseball tonight.

There is no indication of a physical problem. Hard work must therefore be undertaken, away from the main stage of MLB, in order to find solutions. And quick.

With the inconstancy of Domingo German and Clarke Schimdt on the mound, the Bronx Bombers need a Severino in full possession of his means, if that is still possible.

Otherwise, it will be the end for him in New York since his four-year contract expires next offseason.

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