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Joey Gallo needs to bounce back this season

After six seasons with the Texas Rangers, Joey Gallo found himself, on July 29, 2021, moving to New York, to the Yankees. Rangers sent Gallo and Joely Rodríguez to New York in return for Josh Smith, Glenn Otto, Trevor Hauver and Ezequil Durán.

Joey Gallo traded to the Yankees

It’s done: Texas Rangers outfielder Joey Gallo finally leaves Arlington. He was traded to the New York Yankees. From the beginning, the Yankees have been in the rumor mill. return for Gallo and Joely Rodriguez, the Rangers…

At this time, the Yankees needed reinforcements infield and at bat. Gallo’s career stats aren’t incredible: Before coming to New York, he had a career batting average of .206. The Yankees were no doubt hoping Gallo had better-than-career-average stats and neared his best season (2019- .253 average). But the result left something to be desired…

In 58 games with the Yankees, he batted just .160, with 13 home runs and 22 RBIs. His rather difficult season cast doubt on his future in New York. Gallo will become a free agent at the end of the 2022 season.

Joey Gallo’s future in New York is uncertain

The season is coming to an end, some teams will not go to series, and the season reports are approaching. Rumors of exchanges and departures begin to be heard. In this regard, Jim Bowden discussed the 10 players whose names are heard the most. https://twitter.

But the situation is not out of control. Gallo could have an excellent season (if there is a season) and get a very good contract at the end of the season. Todd Zeile and Jason Ferber analyzed Gallo to identify strengths and areas for improvement for this year.

When Gallo manages to touch the ball, he hits hard. He is a good defensive player. However, he needs to position himself a little differently on home plate according to Zeile, which would help him hit slower balls.

The exchange in the middle of the season had an impact on Gallo. But the offseason should have allowed him to reset himself mentally and be ready for a great season in New York this year.

All hopes are allowed for Gallo in 2022.

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