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International draft: the big file of the moment

As we speak, major league negotiations are progressing well. We feel that the word “compromise” exists and the MLB is particularly ready to make it.

Whether the MLBPA will follow suit remains to be seen.

Update: negotiations for a new employment contract are progressing

Hit or miss.

But still: that does not mean that a contract will be signed tonight. That still remains to be seen, in fact.

It will depend on the next hours since midnight is not a fixed limit.

The big issue at the moment, in fact, is the international draft. Remember that players who do not come from Canada, the United States or Puerto Rico are not eligible for the draft and sign as a free agent.

The MLB wants to institute a draft for all while the MLBPA, of course, does not want to.

What MLB is trying to do is negotiate the withdrawal of qualifying offers against an international draft.

I have the feeling that after agreeing to give in on economic issues and agreeing to keep the playoffs at 12 teams, MLB will not want to give in on that.

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This will be the subject of negotiations for the next few hours, I believe. We risk knowing in several hours whether there will be an agreement or not.

We will certainly rejase tomorrow.

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