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Gerrit Cole and the Yankees already have no room for error

Every year, we hear the same thing, every year it’s the same refrain. “The Yankees will win it all”, “the Yankees will win a 28th title of World Series Champions”, “the Yankees are the best”.

Hey guys: The Yankees, the only thing they do, and they’ve been doing it since 2009, is dust off their trophy cabinet. Never close to winning since, but never very far either, the ugly team from the Bronx that we love to hate is putting on the blue again this year for a new conquest that will take them who knows where yet, but who will necessarily have a good talk.

Gerrit Cole already under pressure

Resting for a week, the Yankees were able to scrutinize the series between the Rays and the Guardians out of the corner of their eyes and those who did not let go of their screen before the 15th inning of the decisive game were able to realize the obvious. : The Guardians know how to play baseball. The watchword for this series on the side of the Yankees will be not to take lightly the gang of Terry Francona, old baseball boss who has more than one trick up his sleeve. And it starts tonight with the first game of this best-of-five series.

Here is a small teaser to warm you up.

It is Gerrit Cole (13-9, 3.50 MPM this season) who will be responsible for trying to bring down to Earth a team which must despite everything be respected. With such a tunic on his back, Gerrit Cole will inevitably have more pressure from the start than Cal Quantrill (15-5, 3.38 MPM), his evening opponent.

Advantage or disadvantage? Depending on which camp you belong to, opinions differ. But clearly, Gerrit Cole has no choice but to outperform, otherwise the Yankees are already in trouble. Can he? Yes, but like all good contenderhe is also able to choke.

Chokera word that has echoed a lot in the streets of Toronto in recent days.

Beware of these Guardians

If Cole emerges unscathed from his match, Nestor Cortes Jr. will face the excellent Shane Bieber in match #2 and Luis Severino will fight against Triston McKenzie in the third match next Saturday. The posters seem promising and much more balanced than we think. The Guardians are 92 wins this season, just seven less than the overboosted Yankees a la Aaron Judge, the man who single-handedly held the foundations of the team for almost a month.

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The Guardians are a team that plays baseball that the Yankees don’t. They’re a patient, well-rounded team that can put you to sleep for as many innings as it takes to be able to strike better at the most opportune time. This is a team that will try to turn every single into a double, every double into a triple. Each runner on first base will attempt to join third as soon as a hit crosses the infield.

On the mound, the pitchers give nothing and with only one point in advance, there is a good pair of arms which are able to bring you to Emmanuel Clase in order to put an end to the game.

By the way, did you know that the little guy throwing tonight was so hot since summer?

The Yankees have their strengths, the Yankees can do massive damage in an inning and make it impossible for an opponent to turn around, but there are things I see in the Guardians that I don’t see in the Yankees. So distrust!

Any good lover of good who respects himself must know that one should not see oneself more beautiful than one is. The Yankees are sort of favorites, but they are just because they call themselves the Yankees!

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