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Freddie Freeman: he’s out of the tournament (for now)

Yesterday, Freddie Freeman hurt his thigh. Canada’s first baseman was pulled from the home game in what turned out to be a big win – thanks to Otto Lopez.

It was a precaution, but still: we could worry.

Yesterday, we quickly understood that the player was not going to play this Wednesday (at 3 p.m.) against Mexico in a match that will qualify the winner for the medal round.

But now we have just learned that “for the moment”, Freeman is out of the tournament. That’s what the Dodgers decided.

Is it impossible to see him again later? No, but it’s unlikely.

After all, the Dodgers don’t want to take chances with their first baseman, which is completely normal. I don’t expect to see him again.

It’s sad, but that’s it.

Best case scenario, Canada wins today and can play a maximum of three more games. But that would imply making it to the final, which is unlikely.

My point is that there are few games left and time is against Freeman. We should put a cross on the idea of ​​seeing him again, unfortunately.

Will this alignment allow Canada to go far?

Note that Canada is betting on the fact that by winning today, a player can replace an injured player in the squad afterwards. So Canada hopes, if Freeman doesn’t play anymore, that Josh Naylor would be fit enough to be the club’s hitter of choice.

He is not in the tournament because he is recovering from an injury.

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