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Dodgers: Dave Roberts claims his team never stole signals

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts has confirmed that MLB has opened an investigation into possible signal thefts during the 2018 season.

Roberts also said the Dodgers had nothing to be ashamed of.

The journalist from The Athletic, Evan Drellich, just published a book about the Houston Astros signal theft. In this book, several other teams are mentioned as possibly stealing signals as well. The Dodgers make the list.

They reportedly used a system similar to the one the Yankees and Red Sox were punished for in 2018. An employee in the video room watches the other team’s signals and decodes them. At least that’s what this book says. An unnamed Red Sox source reportedly said the Dodgers were cheating the same way, the league knew about it and did nothing.

Regarding this book, Roberts said that he only read excerpts from this book, but he doesn’t want to think about it too much. According to him, the league has done its investigation and that’s all that matters. The league has found nothing to prove the Dodgers guilty. For Roberts, what the Dodgers did was completely legal and he adds that they were a good team.

League commissioner Rob Manfred said the league had opened investigations into several teams and found nothing. Manfred also mentioned that the league often does investigations, but doesn’t announce them publicly.

With this signal theft saga, the league has tightened rules regarding all opposing teams’ signal study systems. The Dodgers have adhered to all new rules put in place by the league.

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