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Dial: Max Scherzer wants pitchers to have more time to warm up

Max Scherzer has never been afraid to argue with the referees. When he has something in mind, he is not afraid to defend himself.

With the new dial, some frustrations arose at Scherzer. And now, on his second start with his new team, yesterday, MadMax got angry.

The star pitcher received a dial violation during the innings for taking too long to prepare. And what annoys him is that the referee told him he could make his eighth throw.

At the end of the seventh, he went to see the referee to explain himself… being more or less calm.

What’s frustrating is that the ref told me I had one more shot, and then suddenly it’s now my fault.

I have to do what?

–Max Scherzer

To his eyes, it all comes down to a player safety issue. A pitcher, in his eyes, should have the right to his usual number of pitches to prepare.

This explains his anger despite the victory of his family in Oakland.

In this case, the Rangers hitters ended the half-inning just beforehand via a stunning double play. Scherzer was therefore not ready as quickly as usual.

That’s what led to the situation.

Everything is still nebulous. After all, if the referee did give him the right to throw one more time, it’s hard to punish him afterwards. On the other, Scherzer sees the dial.

Obviously, his little union side comes out every time he argues with a referee. But as we are only in the first months of the dial, it takes these discussions.

  • Carlos Rodon is able to throw.
  • David Ortiz would have liked to give Red Sox fans more.

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